Amla VS La Mer

June 07, 2018

Amla VS La Mer

La Mer



Here's the honest truth - I was using the entire line of La Mer for a solid 3 months. Two of my closest friends recently started using it and convinced me that it was worth the steep price and they loved it! If you know me, I'm all about taking great care of my skin and always on the search for the next best product. I spent $600 on the line and walked away ready to feel like a million bucks. 



But, here's what actually happened...



The packaging was beautiful, it smelled incredible, but it did absolutely nothing for my skin! I feel that it may have even caused me to have cystic acne because I was breaking out more than usual. I gave it a few months and I still didn't see a difference with my skin and I sure didn't think it was worth the $600 that I spent. 


The one product I DID like was the renewal oil. It was light weight and left my skin looking dewey and hydrated. Other than that, I returned the rest of the products. 



Amla by Dr. Kanodia



Dr. Kanodia told me to give his Amla moisturizing cream a shot. I've already been taking the RELAX amla vitamins that he recommended before sleep (which do help me fall asleep faster). Since I've switched from La Mer and began using the Amla cream my face doesn't feel as congested because it's lightweight! A little goes a long way which is also a great benefit. Yesterday I picked up his retinol cream which I'm excited to try because it helps with sun damage, helps with skin texture,  and get rid of dark spots. I'll keep you posted! 








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Posted by Michele Maturo