Beauty Secrets by Sonya Esman

January 20, 2018

Beauty Secrets by Sonya Esman

Sonya Esman you are a Angel.

I've been following Sonya Esman on Instagram for a year and I fully have a girl crush on her. She's beautiful, funny & educated. She has an amazing video blog where she shares her life, experiences, beauty secrets & love for music. 

I was browsing her youtube channel one night and found a video titled "Life-Changing Skin Care & Beauty Products 2017", naturally I clicked play. I love that she started off with saying:


In this day and age you don't know whats real and who paid for someone to say what. I love that she's sharing products that she bought & tried on her own (like a normal girl) and are giving them honest reviews. She's not telling us what's bad, just what we need to try and what has worked for her.

After watching this I bought the "NuFace" which is now my favorite beauty secret. I've also tried a few others like Sunday Riley. I hope her video informs & inspires you to try some new products!


Below is Sonya :) 



"All of the cheap (and expensive) skincare products, innovative tools, and techniques that have changed my skin 100%. Not sponsored :)"


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Posted by Jessie Andrews