Ditch your makeup with the help of this laser

October 10, 2018

Ditch your makeup with the help of this laser

Skin Laundry



There's nothing we desire more than flawless skin. After struggling with acne prone skin due to allergies and pigmentation issues from sun damage I have spent the past few years investigating and trying the best treatments. Three years ago I was introduced to a treatment called Genesis, it help significantly, but it was a bit more pricey coming in at $400 and even with that treatment I feel I still needed more.



Two months ago I came across Skin Laundry because of a gifting from a marketing company called Infinity Creative. I had no idea that they offered treatments, I was lured in by the moisturizing sheet mask. Once I looked further into the company I was intrigued. I saw they had a location in West Hollywood and they offered the first treatment for free so I figured I would give it a try.



After the first treatment my skin felt incredibly clean and the next day I noticed a little bit of a glow. That was only after one treatment! That's when I got hooked and made it a mission to try the laser facials for two months and keep track of my progress.



What exactly is Skin Laundry?




It's a laser facial that offers little to no downtime (depending on the treatment) and can take as little as 15 minutes to complete and 30 at the most.




I started with three sessions of The Basic Laser and Light Treatment that takes 15 minutes, has no downtime, and gives a glow while cleaning the skin. I went once a week, then upgraded to The Carbon Peel Facial that takes 30 minutes and is recommended for acne prone skin as it is said to strongly target the surface layer of the skin and exfoliate to improve texture and clarity. A week later, I then tried the The Ultra Fractional Facial which is said to even skin tone by reducing unwanted pigmentation, reduce fine lines by stimulating collagen, and gently resurface skin-texture with minimal downtime. The combination of these treatments has left my skin fresh, my pores smaller, and has me well on my way to wearing much less foundation and a lot more confidence.




The photo below is unedited, no filters, and was taken after four treatments, as you can see I was a little red because two hours before I had theThe Ultra Fractional Treatment which leaves your skin a bit red for a few hours because it is a resurfacing treatment. 







Like I said, we all want to achieve flawless skin and it is a battle that is common and most of us struggle with. I'm here to help share my discoveries with you and invite you to witness my journey to feel more confident and wear less makeup.




Click here to get your first facial free and to read more about Skin Laundry.




Posted by Michele Maturo