KITTENS Gives Us A Beauty Breakdown

April 03, 2018

KITTENS Gives Us A Beauty Breakdown





How often do you travel for work?




It depends, but easily more than a few times a month.




Does your schedule require you to stay up late frequently?




ALWAYS. Usually I fly into whatever city I’m playing in. By the time I get to my hotel it’s early evening. Ill get a nap if I’m lucky but usually I only have enough time to get ready, have some dinner, then head to whatever venue I’m performing at and won’t get back till 3am easily. Then I’m up early to fly out. It can be pretty draining.




Because of your schedule -we 're curious! Have you always had great skin?




NO! My skin is still far from great. I break out so easily and have my whole life. Now that I finally got the blemish situation under control I’m having to deal with blotchiness, dark spots from the sun, and general aging texture issues. IT NEVER ENDS!




What’s 4 products you absolutely can’t travel without?





My Clarisonic!


I have to exfoliate well daily, especially after traveling and being in a sweaty club.




Sheet Masks (Kitten didn't give us her favorite, but click here for ours!)




Airplanes suck the life out of your skin. Rehydrating is so so important, especially when you have annoyingly sensitive skin like I do. Plus this helps me relax a bit after running around all day.




Rosehip Seed Oil 








I like to use this oil in place of a regular moisturizer. It really helps lock in hydration and plump my skin.




Shiseido Bio Performance Eye Cream











Eyes show how tired you are before anything else so a good eye cream is a game changer. I’ve been using this one for a few years and it helps a lot with my dark circles and general sleepy face issues.



What’s your skin routine at home like vs on the road?



I do the exact same thing at home and on the road. I know what my skin reacts best to so I have made sure to be able to take my routine along with me wherever I go. I have about 3724 steps but if I miss one I notice it immediately. I always double cleanse (once to remove makeup, once to deep clean with my clarisonic), toner, serum/treatment (depending on if im breaking out or really dry I use different things), spot treatment (for dark spots or blemishes), oil to condition, daytime I’ll use sunscreen/evening I’ll use a heavy glycolic acid night cream, then end with eye cream.




What’s the first thing you notice on yourself when you slack?



I’ll start to notice bumps and blackheads and will look just dull and busted lol. Like immediately I notice.




What’s one of your skin secrets?




It’s not really a secret but oils have been a game changer for me. Swapping out normal moisturizers for different oils over the years has helped me so much with having really plump glowing skin. My favorite are Rosehip seed and Argan oil




How often do you get facials? 





Once a month if I can. If I go more than 6 weeks my skin starts looking haggard and I’ll breakout.




A place you recommend in LA for skin upkeep?




Gladys Bogado is my literal savior for skin. She hands down gives the best deep cleansing facial in LA and works out of a small studio in a salon off Rodeo in Beverly Hills which is super private. I immediately look better after and don’t have any weird reactions or break out the next day. If you want noticeable improvements in skin texture and have problem skin she is the QUEEN. If you just want a nice little pampering situation and have a bigger budget, Skinworship is amazing. If you are looking for more medical grade care, Vanessa Lee at Facile in West Hollywood is a true goddess. I go to her for any laser and chemical type treatments.




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Posted by Michele Maturo