Face The Facts

September 18, 2017

Face The Facts

My skin's come a really long way even though until last month I hadn't had a facial in about a year. I try my best to drink a ton of water, wear eye cream, SPF, and serums religiously, but it takes more to get in there and flush our pores. 



Last week I met with #MySkinGuy in Beverly Hills for the third time and without fail I leave feeling completely refreshed and the compliments on my complexion start coming in. 


What have we been doing that's been making a big difference? Well, we tried the silk peel dermal infusion treatment which removes the dead layers of the skin and hydrates at the same time. 


Next, we tried the red LED light which helps with anti-wrinkle and kills bacteria (yes, please.) followed by micro-needling which plumps the skin and produces collagen in the face. 


We finished with an oxygen facial which is a pressurized stream of oxygen that delivers active ingredients to the skin—the quality of those actives has recently been upgraded from basic moisturizers to fancy stuff like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides.


Feeling dewy, refreshed, and radiating.


You bet I'll be seeing him in another two weeks!