November 11, 2019


When I hear the name Jesse Golden the word "super human" shifts through my mind. From being a (super) mom, (super) yogi, (super) author, (super) business owner... you get the picture... she really. does. it. all. To grab two seconds from this heal-yourself advocate guru seems near impossible but when we asked she graciously granted our 5 wishes.  Peep her secrets below!


1. What inspired you to start the Golden Secrets?

 The Golden Secrets started off as a blog over a decade ago. I openly shared my journey with being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and how I chose to thrive despite it and began receiving hundreds of emails and fb messages as to how I did it and what my golden secrets were. Not being able to answer everybody’s emails and messages I decided to start the Golden Secrets blog where I shared everything that helped me thrive despite my diagnosis to general holistic health, yoga, beauty, motherhood, spirituality and more. Eventually people started craving the products that I had been formulating for myself for years. The Golden Secrets was really an accidental business where I just supplied what people were already demanding.


2. What’s the biggest skin challenges you’ve seen solved with TGS and why?

I always say that nature cures when a cure is possible and the golden secrets embodies the healing properties of nature. All of my products are based on ancient formulas that have stood the test of time. Simple, effective, natural, non toxic ingredients that work and go beyond the skin. Every product comes with a specific affirmation card to recite while applying to encourage daily acts of self love~ the foundation for everything.


3. Got any tips for transitioning into a healthier lifestyle?

Baby steps. Start by making one change at a time and when you are consistent with that one change then you can add another healthy ritual to your schedule. The key is consistency in your daily habits.


4. What’s a quote you live by? 

My own quote;) "Every challenge is an opportunity to create more light in your life."


5. What does beauty mean to you?

True beauty is a reflection of somebody’s soul. Beauty does not mean perfection it is an acceptance of your flaws , what makes you different, that makes you beautiful.


To hear more from Jesse follow her instagram and be sure to pick up a copy of her book The Golden Secrets to Optimal Health!






Posted by Dhani