Latest Must-Haves: Dr. Barbara Sturm

August 13, 2018

Latest Must-Haves: Dr. Barbara Sturm

Try something new and definitely don't be afraid to splurge on these summer essentials.




Products are always put in my face and I never know what to try, what will work best for me, and what is actually worth the price tag. With some dependable advice from my girl at Beauty Banter I was put on to Dr. Barbara Sturm's line.




After sifting through the countless reviews - I put my other cleansers to the side and replaced it with the Foam Cleanser for Darker Skin Tones, added the hyaluronic serum, eye cream, and the extremely popular SPF drops to my routine as well. To be honest, I'm only about 5 days in, but I really do feel my skin is visibly smoother and it seems to be getting more even as well. So far, this is 5 stars from me! I can't wait to see how I'll look in a month.










This supplement is pricey at $90, but it promotes anti-aging (YES!) and helps with the over-all skin health due to it's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. If you didn't already know - inflammation is a huge cause of aging so it's important to stay on top of this. For now, it's too soon to tell if it's been helping, but I definitely am giving it a shot and started the process!






This eye cream comes in at $140 - but hear me out! It's suppose to help with swelling, bags, and those problematic dark shadows. MY MAIN ISSUE! The moment I put it on it glided on effortlessly, has the texture of a non-sticky gel, was light, and a little went a long way. My eyes stay hydrated longer with this product than my last eye cream.






The past few facials I went to every esthetician told me I needed to use a Vitamin A serum, retinol, and hyaluronic serum. I get these bumps on my forehead for no reason and they recommend that I use a gentle daily exfoliate and also a product that offers deep moisture penetration. With that said, I was in need of this serum. Coming in at $300 I wasn't sure if it was just hype, marketing, or the real deal. So far so good! This stuff is really agreeing with my skin. I feel dewy, have more glow, it's really light, absorbed into my skin well, and again, a little went a long way. I haven't had any redness, no peeling, and no irritation, and no extra breakouts. If you're able to treat yourself, I recommend it.






EVERYONE has been talking about these drops. I haven't been able to use them as much as I'd like just yet because I want to add it to a daily moisturizer (still looking for a good one). The site says you can add it straight to the skin, but I want to wait! These drops provide SPF 50 protection and have an active complex of Cassia Extract, Vitamin E, and Beta-Glucan, which all help to protect the skin and and help to regenerate damaged cell structures. These drops are $145.






In the summer I get... TAN. It's no joke. I can be in the sun for 2 hours and go three shades darker. I've been using the same basic antibacterial soap for 3-4 years now and felt it was time to try something new. My skin was really starting to feel dull. This cleanser costs $70, so it's not something you want to accidentally spill in your bag! My first thoughts on the cleanser was I loved the foam. Weird to say, but if you use it you'll understand. It was gentle, but was strong enough to remove my eye make up with no issues. It has salicylic acid which gently softens dead skin cells and deeply cleanses the skin. My face felt super clean after using this cleanser, but didn't feel stripped at all! It'll be another yes from me.




Post by Michele Maturo