Mini Face Lift? Approved.

December 11, 2017

Mini Face Lift? Approved.



I've been using the NuFace for 2 months.

Day 1, I saw results. It's crazy! Every day since then my lines are smoothing away and face is becoming more and more toned. My boyfriend makes fun of me every morning for doing this and today he said "babe I think your beeping thing is working maybe I should get one". I ALMOST DIED LAUGHING.

The more I tell people about it, the more I find that people already know about it. I'm disappointed it's taken me this long to find such an amazing product!!

I watched a few tutorials on the best techniques but I've created my own since. Also looked up some alternative gels as a base ( Aloe is a popular one). Once you get where you want to be doing it daily, you only need to do it once or twice a week to maintain.

Consistency is key. 

I would get the "Mini" over the "Trinity" because of price and convenience. The Mini is really all you need if you keep it on level 3.

When I was looking for a link to give you guys, I just saw that they have a new Body Toning device. Definitely trying this one too......



^ AMAZON has it the cheapest! 


Here's a video by Sephora that I really like:



Posted by Jessie Andrews