February 26, 2020


Skin care.. its something we all want to know about. How does everyone look so good all the time?

I travel some and between island hopping in humidity to chillin in LA dry desert weather my skin doesn't quite know what to do sometimes. I came across  Sophia's work thanks to a few people close to me and started following her page.  After watching different transformations I wanted to get in on the magic and share my experience as well. 

We all have our own journey and talents so being able to follow and support women who help other women feel beautiful (when that's something that a lot of us has struggled with) is something amazing.

 I was lucky enough to steal some time away from Sophia's busy schedule to experience her magic and ask her some questions about her daily life, different products and overall skin health.

Keep reading to find out a few skin tips she gave..


What inspired you to be an esthetician? 

I actually went to college to be a graphic designer and was working a lot from home. While I was doing that I went through a phase where I noticed that my face was breaking out a lot. I tried fixing my own skin by testing a bunch of different beauty counter skin care products and they didn’t work. I saw a dermatologist and got prescriptions written but that ended up just over drying my skin. The first time something really helped me was when I got a facial, the extractions and exfoliation really made a BIG difference! That’s when I wanted to go to school so that I could help others solve their skin problems. What I love about being an esthetician is that every single client of mine is like a blank canvas and I’m able to help transform their skin.

What is the biggest piece of advice you could give someone about their skin?

I think it’s really important to have a professional skin analysis because everyones skin is so different and what works for one person isn’t going to necessarily work for someone else. It’s really important to have a professional take a look and see what your skin type is, what conditions are present, analyze what products your using, and formulate the plan that will help achieve your personal goals.


What are some skin care mistakes that you see often?

I often notice people hear something about a certain trend and it might not be right for their particular skin, but they go with it anyway because it’s all the rave or such and such celebrity uses it. One thing I’ve seen is people will take things from their kitchen such as coconut oil or olive oil and put it on their face which isn’t something that is recommended because it can clog your pores and cause breakouts. I’m not saying that all oils are bad, you have to be sure what ever you are using is the proper fit for your skin. 


What’s one product that you couldn’t live without personally?

Hyaluronic Acid is such a great ingredient you can find it in many different products. It is an ingredient that helps to bind moisture and increase hydration levels. It can hold its weight up to 1000 times. For people with acne prone skin it increases the water level and helps them produce less oil. People with dry skin it plumps up fine lines and wrinkles. 


Are there any foods that you recommend to stay away from?

More times than not dairy, hydrogenated fats, and oils can cause inflammation. A good clean diet is always helpful for your skin. One thing I would recommend for everyone is celery juice. It works wonders brightening your skin and keeps you glowing. 


Skin issues might seem unfixable to some people is there anytime you’re too far gone?

There are cases where you should have a collaboration with a dermatologist because there are certain forms of hormonal acne that can only be helped with prescription medication (such as birth control) it’s always good to try to go the route without medication first then intervene if necessary.


Everyone has off days what do you do on those days to help keep you motivated?

I love to start my off my day with an exercise class like a pilates (it gets me recharged!) followed by eating my favorite foods and treating myself to a massage.


How do you balance working and being a supermom of 2 kids?

Being a mom and balancing a career can be difficult at times but I make sure that every night I’m able to do bath time, read them stories and really make the moments that I do have with them count.

We also do baby facials! Something that is important for me is, I really want parents to realize that most sun damage is done before the age of 18. It’s crucial for parents to protect their child’s skin at an earlier age and that will have them so grateful as they get older. 

The way I do it with my kids is we do baby facials where I take sunscreen and get behind them and massage it in and tell them it’s a baby facial so it makes it more fun and not like I’m just smearing them with yucky stuff. 


***Reminder to not avoid the sun completely find out the importance of the sun here.

(Save the Reef reef safe sunscreen guide)


I fly a lot and the second I step into an airport my face starts to break out. I use a random sheet mask that I just pick up from a drug store and they usually help but are the cheap ones actually okay for my skin?

Check for Hyaluronic acid as a main ingredient. Some of the cheap masks may not have the best ingredients but if it has hyaluronic acid it should be safe. Also find out where it is made

If it’s made in China they don’t have a lot of quality control. Because of that, products that are made in Korea, Japan or US are better options.

 Hyaluronic acid face mask


What are your thoughts on a Derma-Roller(micro needling)?

It is beneficial it helps to aerate the skin, reduce scaring, helps regenerating collagen , and helps with anti-aging. But if you are using one be careful, make sure you are properly sanitizing it, and make sure you’re not using the same one longer than recommended; your needles will go dull!

Always recommend exercising before your facial and avoiding sweat for 24 hours after your facial. 



Follow her instagram @skinbysophiaand stay tuned for my personalized facial run down that I will post in the near future.

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