Want Longer Lashes?

February 28, 2018

Want Longer Lashes?

Rodan + Fields



(this is not an ad, this is real life love)



As you know from reading my previous posts I have a thing for long and full lashes. I'm a firm believer the healthier and longer the lashes we have, the less eye makeup that's needed. For years I was getting lash extensions and I absolutely was addicted and LOVED them, but after trying someone new (cheating on my regular esthetician) I severely damaged my lashes. That's when I decided to take a break and get a lash lift It's been two weeks and I'm really happy with the results, but that's not what I'm here to write about. The lash lift was great, but I still wanted a more dramatic look.

One of my girlfriends has the most stunning lashes I have ever seen. The first time I met her I asked her honestly if they were lash extensions (you'd be surprised by how many of us get them!) She admittedly told me that she gets asked that all the time, but no, they were all hers! She then spilled her secret and told me she uses this serum called Rodan + Fields and it did wonders for her. 



What about Latisse?



In the past I've used a similar product called Latisse, I liked it, but didn't love it. It took roughly 6 weeks to see the results and when I stopped using the product my lashes went back to normal within a week. Not to mention, the product is pricey and only lasted 8 weeks.



How long does Rodan + Fields take to work?



Okay, I've been using the serum religiously (every night) for two weeks now and I can 100% already see a difference! No joke! My closest friends also noticed a difference on me and immediately bought the product. Within a week of trying it out one of my close friends is already happy with her results as well. 



What about the final results?



In a few weeks I'll come back to this post and let you know the final results! I am just too excited and wanted to share with you my latest secret!  




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By Michele Maturo