30 Reasons To Stay Motivated

August 31, 2017

30 Reasons To Stay Motivated

There's 30 days in September and we're here to help keep you motivated with our 30 reasons to get your ass up, out, and in shape.

If you have more excuses why you shouldn't, I can promise you there's more reasons WHY YOU SHOULD. Whether your motivated by your physical appearance, maybe better sex, anti-aging, or being happy, there's a reason for you to GET UP! 



1. Lifts your mood
2. Improves learning abilities 
3. Builds Self Esteem
4. Keeps your brain fit
5. Keeps your body fit and able
6. Boosts your immune system
7. Reduces stress
8. Anti-aging effects
9. Improves skin tone and colour
10. Improves sleeping patterns
11. Helps prevents strokes
12. Improves joint function
13. Improves muscle strength
14. Improves body image
15. Improves eating habits
16. Strengthens your bones
17. Strengthens your heart
18. Improves posture
19. Prevents colds
20. Improves cholesterol levels
21. Fights dementia 
22. Reduces feelings of depression
23. Increases pain resistance 
24. Increases sex drive & satisfaction
25. Improves oxygen supply to cells
26. Lessens fatigue
27. Improves balance and coordination
28. Helps with self control
29. Lowers risk of certain cancers
30. Makes life more exciting 




Good Luck!