The Switch Up

August 22, 2017

The Switch Up

Can we be honest about our feelings toward working out?

Not every day we're going to want to work our hardest, sweat, feel sore, or want to work out period. Don't feel so bad! We all hit walls every now and then. If you're anything like me and find your routine getting dull or repetitive then it's time to switch it up! We can agree that staying fit isn't easy, so we want to help keep you motivated. Check out some of our favorite workouts you should try to help get you to have fun, feel good, and be fit!


1. Boxing: may sound too intense, but you can find some boxing classes that just involve a punching bag. And who doesn't love letting off some steam by punching the crap out of inanimate objects? This full body workout will leave you sweating and you leave some of your daily stress behind. Win-win! 


2. Pilates:this is the class I take when I'm looking to take a break on my body, but I know I don't quite deserve a full day off. Not only is it an amazing ab workout, it can ease back pain, and it's easy on the joints! Okay, so maybe my favorite part is that we get to lay on the machine, but hey, I'm working on my flexibility, right?


3. Yoga: this workout focuses on both physical and mental strength, so you'll be able to hone in on your spiritual life while building physical strength. There are so many different types of yoga that you are bound to find a class that suits your fitness level. If you're looking for a good sweat I recommend hot yoga. If you want to work more on your endurance I recommend trying a Vinyassa Flow class.


4. Walking: Who can say no to a long walk on the beach? If you find walking absolutely grueling, maybe amp up your speed and add a little incline. Find a scenic route or a quick hike to feast your eyes while getting in that fitness. 


How do you keep your motivation going and exercises fun?
Submit your favorite routines!