June 16, 2020


Can you tell us a little about your story and What started your health journey? 

I’ve been an athlete most of my life; fitness and health have always played a role in my lifestyle. After playing collegiate sports, I graduated and pursued a career in sales/design for a furniture dealership. Although I wasn’t playing sports any longer, my love for fitness and health never stopped growing. I then became fascinated about the body, not really the anatomy of it but more so how it works on the inside, gut health , digestive functions .. things of that nature. My fascination grew and I researched and learned something new everyday. I wanted to then become vegan but I knew that I needed to make steps towards that lifestyle first if I wanted to succeed. I decided to make yearly goals to reach my end goal. I went pescatarian for one year, vegetarian the following , all to be vegan by 2020. My ultimate goal is to see how can I get my body to operate at its optimal level . Changing my eating lifestyle , doing my research and constantly and remembering my WHY is what started and will keep me on this journey.  


What’s your favorite type of workout?

My favorite type of workout would have to be anything dealing with the lower body: back squat, deadlifts, lunges, etc,


When was your first experience of defeat and how did you overcome it?

My first experience of defeat in regards to this type of lifestyle would be an experience where I wasn’t able to do push-up on my knees. I made it my goal to break down the task at hand so that I can master it. I started off by doing as many push-ups on my knees as possible, and I’m between sets try two pushups without being on my knees. It took me a month to get it down, but I can now do push-ups as normal . 


If you could instantly become an expert in something what would it be? Why?

If I could instantly become an expert in something it would be parenting. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs ever in life. Since there aren’t any experts out there on parenting, I would love to be the first . 

 Do you have a quote you live by?

“ If it was meant to be easy, everyone would be doing it”