Benefits Of Walking Lunges

December 13, 2017

Benefits Of Walking Lunges

1. Improved Balance:

A workout based on lunges works both sides of the body, making it a unilateral exercise. This improves the balance and coordination of one’s body. Exercises like squats and dead-lifts can never provide similar results.

2. Boosts Functionality:

Walking lunges train the body in such a way that its functionality improves many folds. They also help one acquire a better body posture.

3. Symmetrical Toning:

Since walking lunges concentrate on the ignored parts of the body, these help one achieve a symmetrically toned body. Walking lunges workout takes care of body part that other exercises overlook!

4. Boosts Hip Flexibility:

Walking lunges boost the flexibility of the hip flexor muscles, which tend to become tight due to the sedentary lifestyle we lead every day. Apart from stretching exercises lunges are a remarkable way to bring some flexibility to the hip and thigh muscles.

5. Toning Of Gluteal Muscles:

The gluteal muscles are mostly left unutilized during our regular workouts. By performing walking lunges, one can focus on their activation and mobilize them with regular practice.

6. Improved Core Stability:

If weight lifting is not your cup of tea, but you would still like to boost the stability of your core muscles, then walking lunges are a great way of doing so. These exercises strengthen the core muscles with their up and down motion.

7. Rest For The Spine:

While most forms of exercise would leave your back strained, walking lunges tend to provide rest and recovery to your spine. If you are into heavy workouts and weight training, walking lunges can be the perfect way to rest your spine.