Hot Yoga VS Yoga Sculpt

November 14, 2018

Hot Yoga VS Yoga Sculpt




With this workout you can mentally prepare yourself for a good sweat! It fuses together strength training and cardio with your typical hot yoga class by adding in light weights, squats, lunges, and jumping.






This class means that the room is heated to 100 degrees or more. It isn't the hottest class available, but if you're a beginner you'll want to take your time during the class and rest if you feel lightheaded (which is perfectly normal during the detox process and while your body adjusts to the extreme heat.) The movements in this class are slower, repetitive, and more restorative.






I base my choice off how my body is feeling that day and also whether or not I need a good stretch. Sometimes it's necessary to restore and take a mental break, and other days we need that extra ass kicking with weights. The past two weeks I have been doing regular hot yoga and trickling in about two yoga sculpt classes per week. My mind and my body are both more than happy rotating between the two!




Post by Michele Maturo