Indoor Rock Climbing

December 20, 2017

Indoor Rock Climbing

Lately I've been trying to switch things up as much as possible.


From work, lifestyle, fitness, diet, WHATEVER because things get repetitive and I'm straight up over it. 

Sometimes being out of town is a lot of fun, and other times it feels stressful. It's hard to find a gym and can be really hard to get into a rhythm. 

Luckily I got my adventure fix in when I stumbled across a really cool indoor rock climbing facility in Portland Oregon. 

Okay - to start, I was extremely nervous and intimidated by the giant wall to the ceiling and all of the harnesses. The first thing that crossed my mind is "Hell no!" but once I was strapped in and ready to go I climbed the wall in lightning speed. Kid you not, it was way easier than it looked and I felt overly dramatic for being so nervous.

After I built up my confidence I went for it an tried to climb a harder wall. It was angled, taller, and the rocks were smaller and further apart. It was a tough climb, I struggled, but I made it to the top! To be fair, it took double the amount of time, but it was worth it and such a good workout! 

Reasons to rock climb:

Combines cardio and strength into a single workout

Strengthens and tones muscles

Increases flexibility

Mental strength

Reduces stress

Burns calories

Conquers fears


Up up & away!



Challenge yourself