December 27, 2019


Maria Bateman formerly known as Maria Corrigan a mother to the cutest little 1 year old boy named Chase + her two dogs (you have to check out their instagram), an entrepreneur, a wife and still manages to find time to fit the gym in. Keep reading to find out her quick mommy workout.


1. You’re such an inspiration to women. How did you get to where you are?
Thank you! To be honest, I believe that where I am today is due to making mistakes in life, and being able to learn and grow from them. I always try maintain a positive mindset so that even when I’ve failed at something, it’s because the timing wasn’t right or a bigger door will open up down the road. I also believe we’re all stronger together and I really do have such a big support system around me. I’m really grateful for all of the incredible people that I have in my life!
2. What’s the biggest advice you would give your younger self? And what advice would your younger self give to you now?
I would tell my younger self to not be afraid of trying new things and to not worry what people think of you; to do exactly what it is that you want to do and don’t get pressured into doing things that you don’t because life is too short. I’m 100 percent sure that my younger self would tell me to relax more and enjoy life’s special moments; the house work can wait another day!
3. What’s the most challenging and rewarding thing as a mother?
The most challenging thing about being a mother would be giving up your sleep lol. I miss the days when I could sleep in ‪until ‪noon‬‬ and get up, have no plans, lay in bed all day, watch Netflix and order food right to my house. Now, even when I get the opportunity to sleep in, my “mom clock” wakes me up ‪‪at 6:30‬am‬! But losing sleep is well worth it because the most rewarding thing about being a mother is having our son! I can’t imagine life without him. He honestly makes me so happy and truly lights up my heart.
4. Do you always find the time to workout? (If not do you have tips on a 10 min. Mommy workout?)
I think every mom will agree with me that it’s so hard to fit in a good workout and stay consistent, especially with babies or toddlers. I wish I could workout everyday but it’s just not possible. Some days, my son is super needy and is glued to me until the moment he falls asleep. When Chase sleeps, that’s when I’m able to get my stuff done, like e-mails, laundry, cooking, and a hot shower. I’m lucky if I can squeeze in three workouts a week to be honest. That’s why it’s so important to attempt even a quick 10-20 minute workout when you can. I think short explosive workouts are a good way to burn calories and get your muscles moving. Here’s a great quick workout that you can do first thing in the morning or in between laundry loads!
Ten minute workout/ no equipment needed:
* One minute light cardio of jumping jacks or jogging on the spot
* One minute of squats with no weight
* 30 seconds of jump squats
* 30 seconds of pushups
* One minute walking lunges
* 30 seconds roundhouse kicks with left leg
* 30 seconds roundhouse kicks with right leg
* One minute plank
* One minute light cardio of jumping jacks
* 30 seconds of crunches
* 30 seconds of sit ups
* One minute of squats
* One minute of cool down yoga stretching
5. What’s a quote you live by?
You are stronger than you think1
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