Yoga Classes: Los Angeles

October 16, 2017

Yoga Classes: Los Angeles

This week I tried two different studio's:

There's a ton of yoga studio's in Los Angeles which can make it a bit overwhelming to find the right studio that suits your needs.

Okay, so maybe I'm not an obsessive Yogi who practices daily and my routine may not be the most consistent, but none-the-less, I've been at it since 16 and I always come back!

Going through my many phases of Yoga and living in LA I feel like I've tried almost every popular studio. Below are two popular studio's and my thoughts on each.


Studio 1: Hot 8 Yoga - Santa Monica

This is the second location I've been to of theirs (the other is on Wilshire Blvd.) and I really enjoyed it. The staff was incredibly welcoming and the studio was clean and the heat was perfect. About the class... Alex was the instructor and she was friendly (even though she talked pretty heavily). The class was moderately challenging, she didn't hesitate to correct my form, I got a good sweat in, and I was surprisingly sore the next day. 

Studio 2: Corepower Yoga - Sherman Oaks

The parking is really easy, the the studio was big, the staff was also really friendly. The class wasn't my favorite though. I felt that the instructor didn't have a ton of experience. She hardly showed how to do the poses, didn't correct my form, and talked throughout the entire (and short) savasana. The heat in the room was essentially the only reason I was sweating. 


Either way, I'm happy to be back in the swing of things and stretching it out in!