Activated Charcoal

July 03, 2018

Activated Charcoal

What is activated charcoal?



It’s such an amazing property because it detoxes the body by trapping chemicals, toxins and poisons! Rather than absorb the poisons and toxins, activated charcoal creates a chemical process called adsorption. This chemical reaction in the body takes place when toxins bind to a surface, in this case, of activated charcoal.  What this means is... when we ingest the activated charcoal it grabs all of the nasty toxins inside of us and eliminates it (yes, you know what that means). 


Recently I was having a ton of bloating and nothing I was trying to do was fixing this problem. After some investigation and speaking to my health care physician I was told that activated charcoal help with this issue! If you get gassy after eating try taking two pills an hour before you eat because it traps the gases and eliminates it. Not to mention, it helps with food poisoning.



What other benefits does it have?



More about the digestive track

Activated charcoal removes the poisons in the digestive tract that cause oxidation, allergies and poor immune health. This helps improve mental function, improve energy levels, and alleviate joint pain.




Stay young

Guess what? It also fights against premature aging by detoxing the body of chemicals that cause cellular damage and oxidation which contributes to the aging process.




Keep that skin clean!

Washing your face with a quality activated charcoal soap removes excess oil, dirt and makeup that most cleansers leave behind.




It can save a life

Activated charcoal is used worldwide in hospitalts to treat accidental poisoning and overdose of prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and even heavy metals.




It can also save a smile

Activated charcoal removes built up stains from some of the toughest foods and drinks like tea, wine, coffee and berries.






Posted by Michele Maturo