Need to chill out? Try Cryo Cafe

September 26, 2018

Need to chill out? Try Cryo Cafe

Cryotherapy is any treatment that involves the use of freezing or near-freezing temperatures.



The past few years I have had the pleasure of suffering from chronic inflammation in my legs and ankles. I would swell during flights, after a workout, and especiall in the heat, but I could never figure out the cause. This past year I have tried changing my diet, tried to elevate my legs, and even tried electro-therapy, but nothing seemed to help the inflammation.



Last week I came across Cryo Cafe on Class Pass and I have looked into the process before, but because I don't really like the cold I wasn't dying to go. After doing more research and reading the benefits I came to the conclusion that it was worth trying the chill.



When I arrived up to the Encino location the first thing I noticed was the incredible hospitality from the staff and also the technician Spencer. Not only was he incredibly thorough with directions, he was patient and answered all of my questions.



What was the process?



I made sure to work out an hour before because Cryo is said to help repair the muscles. After checking in to the facility, I changed out of my clothes and into just a robe and some slippers that they provide. Next, I head into the chamber for 3 minutes straight. At Cry Cafe they are beyond helpful during this process and either talk you through it or play music for you and I found that the time passes more quickly when you have these distractions.



What are the benefits?



Cryotherapy can help with muscle pain, as well as some joint and muscle disorders, such as arthritis. It may also promote faster healing of athletic injuries.



It is said to help with weight loss because the extreme cold brings our body temperature so far down that the body works in overdrive just to warm it back up to normal temperatures. From research I found, and what Spencer educated me on, is that you can burn from 300-600 calories per session. This makes me want to go every day!



Why I really go? It reduces inflammation. The result of long term chronic inflammation is linked to many health problems, such as cancer, diabetes, depression, dementia, and arthritis, so I want to be able to handle this issue now to prevent any long term damage.



What are my thoughts?



After only three sessions I have already noticed a difference in my skin, my muscle tenderness, and I don't feel as puffy, which may be from the inflammation. My plan is to go three times a week for a solid month and I can report back to you more thoroughly then.



What's a Cryo Facial?



It removes the outer dead layer of skin cells and stimulates the new ones underneath them to grow in a more even, smooth distribution, and helps to stimulate collagen.



As most of you know, I'm obsessed with finding new ways to take care of myself and I'm a sucker for facials so I decided to try the Cryo Facial. Let me just say, I AM IN LOVE WITH everything about it. The pores in my face have reduced, my skin is more even, and paired with the laser treatments I've been getting once a week, I found my new beauty routine and I'm obsessed.



This treatment is something I HIGHLY recommend. Check in with me in about a month for my updated progress.




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Posted by Michele Maturo