5 Ways to Have a Good Morning

October 27, 2019

5 Ways to Have a Good Morning

Ahh your alarm just went off.. GOOD MORNING!

It’s time to get your day started.

What’s the first thing you do? This answer is super important and most likely it’s one of two answers. You either wake up dreading the fact that you have to get out of bed or you wake up excited that you’re able to get out of bed and accomplish something great. What you choose can really effect what happens the rest of your day. 

Not going to lie I can easily be both and go back and forth to either one depending on the day. But I try to wake up each day full of gratitude and with something to accomplish. If you struggle with waking up or are just ready for a new routine here’s a few things to give a go!


  1. Try not to check your phone right away. This can be hard for some but social media being the first thing your eyes see in the morning is proven in so many ways to be unhealthy.
  2. Going along with being grateful be thankful for the small things that you might usually not think much of. Like... how lucky you are to have an actual bed to sleep in. Thanks bed! Or the blanket that kept you warm as you were resting... Thank you! Or how about the sun peeking through your window that woke you up... so cool!
  3. Drink water or lemon tea. Start the morning off getting hydrated and get your metabolism going. Drinking either of those first thing will also help flush out toxins.
  4. Stretch/ meditate get your blood flowing, body moving and brain turned on. You’ll be glad you did!
  5. Set a goal. I don’t like making plans because life doesn’t go as planned but if you strive to achieve something each day you’ll be amazed at how much you can do. 


What's your morning routine like?






Post by Dhani