Millennial Farmers. Produce of the Future?

March 07, 2018

Millennial Farmers. Produce of the Future?

Is produce on your patio really what is next?

With the growing concern of where your food is coming from, what it’s been sprayed with, and how much nutrients are actually left after it was picked 3 weeks ago; thousands have begun to take matters into their own hands. Growing their own! Could you really imagine this? Rolling up your sleeves, getting down in the dirt, ruining your manicure and pulling weeds? No me either! Thank goodness that is not the way of the future.

Disney’s Epcot is where I first learned about vertical aeroponic growing. Their Living with the Land exhibit in Florida is still impressing visitors 20+ years later! Today a similar technology is available that you can use right on your patio or even better in your apartment.

Talk about knowing where you food came from, WOW!

This phenomenal contraption can grow up to 28 plants in ~30” diameter space. Oh and even better, there’s no dirt. Mind blown! Eating the greenest most nutrient dense greens that you grew yourself really has created a real sense of accomplishment for me! You should try it. I have 2 of my own!

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Written by 

Sandy Stetter

Health Food Agent

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