Feeling Slumped?

October 20, 2019

Feeling Slumped?

Slumps… probably one of the most annoying thing in life. That feeling of being stuck without motivation to get the things done that you know you need to do and usually not knowing why exactly you’re feeling so useless and not you. Let's be honest these little funks are inevitable. No matter how perfect someones life looks I am here to reassure you they too have random off days!  

For instance I was so far in a slump the other day I briefly thought I wasn’t going to get out. I was going crazy in my head like ‘I need to focus but it’s just not coming to me very easily.’ So here’s what I personally did: 

I thought to my self it’s ok you don’t suck at life as much as you’re thinking you do right now, you’re great! You got this! I started thinking of what really inspires me, watched a few random videos, switched rooms, got up turned on some music, did a little dance, and was excited to start working on things that needed accomplished. 

Now that you’ve also accepted you’re not some crazy unmotivated alien from an unmotivated planet, lets talk about how to climb out of this slump that you're in.



If you don’t accept you’re in a slump you may be stuck there for longer than you should be. It’s ok that you’re feeling a certain way let your self feel it. There doesn’t always need to be an explanation either. If you don’t know why you’re currently in this mood that’s fine, as long as you realize you’re there and don’t continue to make excuses that keep you complacent



Write down what you’re feeling, what you want to feel, some goals, anything. Writing can help you really get through your emotions, help sort your thoughts, and add some inspiration!


Figure out what really gets you inspired. Could be a person you know in real life or someone on social media that you really look up to. A video you watch that just speaks to you. A group of quotes that you keep in a folder to reference or even just looking some up on Pinterest in the moment. Maybe taking a walk on the beach or getting out and going on an adventure in nature.  Every person is completely different so find that one thing that resets your brain!


You might even need to take a day, a weekend, or a week for some personal time to regroup and refocus. Take a break from other hectic stuff happening if you’re able. Sometimes getting into a slump can be caused by too much chaos around you.



Whether it’s just a walk to the store, a tough workout, or just moving to a different room a new scenery can be super helpful. 



What are some of the things that you do to get yourself out of a slump?





Post by Dhani