November 24, 2019


Just a quick reminder to stay grateful!

Often times when I ask people what they are grateful for they get overwhelmed by the question and think too much. Being grateful is super easy and can actually help you emotionally and I am sure you’ll have no problem thinking of a few things. 


Mine today are..

1. Health. I am so blessed to be healthy and able to conquer each day with a different adventure. I can move and be active, for that I am grateful. 

2. Fruit. Mmm.. I LOVE me some fruit and life without it would just be sad. I love how it hydrates me and gives me energy. After all it is ALIVE food.

3. People. Whether it’s family + friends or people that have just passed through my life, I’m thankful for what they have taught me. Could you imagine a world without other people? It would be lonely and complacent. 

4. Work. To be able to work and make money so that I can do what I choose is a blessing! 

5. A roof over my head. I can’t exaggerate this enough yet so many times it's something we overlook.

6. Phones. The biggest love/hate relationship of them all. I know we can get over absorbed in technology but on the real I’m able to get work done + talk to people near and far all thanks to this handheld computer.

7. The ocean. After a long day there’s really nothing more magical than being able to jump in and wash the stress away. Even the shortest time amounts to a big impact. 

8. The Sun. In my opinion there’s no better feeling than the sun on my skin. It's also the quickest and most efficient way to boost your Vitamin D naturally... you can even check out how important the sun is HERE.

9. Life itself. All the ups & downs that have got me to where I am today. 

10. Animals. They're just so cute and make the world a better place! 


So what are 10 things that you’re grateful for? Comment below with your Insta handle so that we can share + tag!







Posted by Dhani