Happy New Year

January 01, 2018

Happy New Year

Thoughts For 2018


Everyone’s talking about what they want to leave behind in the New Year, but let’s just talk about what we should bring in to 2018. My thoughts are that our quality of life is a direct result of our mindset. We could “have it all” and not be happy simply because of the perspective we view our circumstances from – or – life could seem to be on the downswing yet we remain hopeful because we feel that it can only get better from there. Your mindset and attitude will essentially be what will make or break you this year.

Let 2018 be about expressing gratitude for what you already have, what you can contribute to society, and how you can prosper all with the help of your positive thought process and point of view.

You’re out of your mind if you think that everyone has it better than you or the only reason they have it “so well” is because they are in a constant and heightened state of motivation, and hey, that could be true for some, but not most. It’s just not realistic to always be motivated or inspired. If we depend solely on those attributions we would have days, weeks, or months of lull’s. Focus more on the actual commitment itself (work, family, love). The more we commit to something and take action when it seems to be the LAST thing we want to do, we increase the odds and it’s chance to flourish and succeed. It’s imperative that we continuously encourage ourselves and push our actions forward because that is where we’ll find the real progress, success, and growth. With that, we ourselves CREATE the motivation we need. It’s a positive snowball effect, do you see where I’m going with this?


It’s about following through when you don’t THINK you have the motivation, or taking the risk when you THINK you’re too scared.
2018 is the year we invest in our state of mind. Our outlook and perseverance during the days we may feel most discouraged is going to be what separates 2017 from 2018.



By Michele Maturo