The Old Me

July 19, 2017

The Old Me

Time can feel like it’s working with us or against us depending on how fast – or slow – we want it to feel. What time has taught me (especially) this year past year and a half is that a lot can change, and very quickly. Often times, as these changes are taking place we get scared, resist, or even fear the unknown of the aftermath. What if it change us for worst? What if we lose a little bit of ourselves in the process? Well, hopefully that happens. Hopefully we shed a piece of our old self and make room for the new, wiser, stronger, and more patient qualities. What we sometimes fail to see is that this reconstruction is the perfect opportunity to better our lives and spirit. It’s time we embrace our new dispositions and allow it to transform our lives into a state greater than before. It’s imperative to have an optimist frame of mind during any journey because it will effect your growth when the dust finally settles.


Once all the chaos begins to clear up, whether it be after the loss of a loved one, a friend, a lover, job loss, major move or finishing school – the circumstances, surroundings, and emotional state, have most likely changed and changed us as well. I’ve found this part to be the most rewarding and the biggest reality check of all reality checks. Sometimes when I’m going through a transition I don’t process during the actual change – I put my game face on and push through it. It’s really when everything finally calms down that the reality of the current situation hits me… and like a ton of bricks. I’m not sure if you’re anything like me, but I feel like this part straight up blows. At this point you can feel the most discouraged, let down, or overwhelmed. The good news is, this stage of the process doesn’t last and we’re getting an opportunity to grow the most. If you can make it past this point and remain optimistic you’ll feel as though there’s no challenge you can’t handle. You’ll feel resilient, you’ll feel strong, and you’ll feel the greatest sense of self and relief knowing you are better because of what you’ve been through. 


How we perceive a situation is how we determine the outcome. With that said, be the energy you want to attract. Think positive, be positive, and have faith that there is a reason we experience the trials and tribulations we do and let it change you for the better..



By Michele Maturo