Women's March 2018

January 20, 2018

Women's March 2018


The Women's March is the Largest U.S Protest in History. 

 Today the second annual Women's March takes place matching Presidents Trumps 1st year in office. We Women have taken to the streets to demand social and political change and hope to help Democrats win races in the upcoming midterm elections.  

Michele & I at took to the streets of Downtown Los Angeles today & marched with fellow men & women who believe in one common goal:

Raise Awareness. 




I spent an hour making this sign that has our motto on it. While I was enjoying coloring and smelling the sharpie fumes, I was thinking about how many people would read our sign and wonder what FEW was. FEW is not only health and fitness, it's a place for us to speak our minds with no limits. On the most important day of the year for Women we couldn't pass up being in the middle of it all showing what we believe in.


 But it's not about Women being better than Men, it's about equality of all sex & races. No one is better than anyone else....

Equality is key. 



 Women need to support Women. No one needs to bring anyone down. Without each other, we have no power. 


Spread awareness everywhere you go. It's not only today that's important, it's tomorrow & the next day.



Thank you all for reading. Spread Peace & Love daily & the world will be a better place. 



Side Note:

Some of you might not know that our Government is currently shutdown, the first time since 2013. Why?

Read here

I watch MSNBC daily, I think it's important to stay aware of real news, not just TMZ, which I watch at night. I really recommend you watching for at least 10 minutes everyday, just to stay up to date on things that could effect your everyday life.



Posted by Jessie Andrews