Workout #9 - Legs

January 29, 2018

Workout #9 - Legs

Mega babe and certified personal trainer BriAna Brancato shared with us one of her favorite leg day routines. If you saw her legs (which you can by checking out her Instagram here) you'd get started immediately! 






What you'll need:


Leg Press


Resistance band




Circuit 1: 


3 rounds 


20 Reps: Plyo Hop Overs 

30 Reps: Weighted Walking Lunges 

12 Reps: Leg Press





Circuit 2:


3 Rounds 


15 Reps: Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats 

10 Reps: No Weight Bulgarian Split Hops 

20 Reps: Sumo Goblet Squats 




Circuit 3: 


3 Rounds 


15 Reps: Roman Deadlift

15 Reps: (each side) Curtsy Reverse Lunges 

30 Reps: In/Out Mini Band Jump Squats 




Circuit 4:


3 Rounds


20 Reps: Glute Thrusters 

20 Reps: (each side) Donkey kick  

20 Reps: (each side) donkey kick pulse 

20 Reps:  (each leg )straight leg kick out/up 




Remember to track your weekly progress photos and share your photo's with us!